Patricia Noel Drain, The Busness Owner's Mentor

Discover YOUR Passion

I am on a mission these days about YOUR Passion. Why? Because years ago as a school teacher, I watched children come to me almost daily asking, “Mrs. Drain, what should I be when I grow up?” They were already concerned and they were in the 2nd grade. Fast forward to the Executive Recruiting Firm I owned in Phoenix, and one by one those same kids came into my office asking the same question… but now they were 40, 50, 60. Of course, I wrote the book WHAT SHOULD I BE WHEN I GROW UP NOW THAT I’M 40, 50…

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If you could ask…

If you could ask a Business GURU one question that would help you Grow your Business faster what would that question be? This will help you get “clarity” around your business today. Please share your question below.

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Blogging is MY way of the future

Blogging is MY way of the future!  Well at least I hope it is, I have been trying to consistently blog for 3 years now.  I hear person after person say…. “My business grew immediately as soon as I started blogging.”    What are your thoughts about blogging??  Patricia

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2 Lessons I Learned from My Puppy

Annie celebrates her first birthday on March 17th. It has been quite an “energetic” year. All year long, Annie has reminded me continually of these 2 lessons: #1. Seize every moment… Carpe dium You say Play Ball… she is there Walk… she brings us her leash Ride… she leaps in the car #2. It’s not about what you own She has A collar A kennel A pillow Toys That’s it! Does she need more to be happy? NO! It’s all about relationships to her. So we pet her every day, feed her and exercise her. All she wants to do…

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List Your Gifts

Write down 3 things you could do right now to generate an income with the gifts, talents, and skills you ALREADY have. This is clarifying possible multiple streams of income for you and your business. But remember if you don’t implement an idea, nothing changes…

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